Cast List

The Cast List is a complete collection of Suitman's Survivor contestants, with their in-game name, Tengaged username, color level, age, seasons, finishes, days played and votes against. Also, there is a separate table dedicated to returning players.

List of Contestants and Statistics

This is a complete list of Suitman's Survivor contestants by season in order of elimination, along with the total in-game days they played and total votes against them in that season. Take note that the ages and color levels stated in this table are the contestants' age and level at the time of playing. Furthermore, the votes against column will not include votes that are negated by Hidden Immunity Idols or votes cast during a second round of voting, if tied. Jury votes are also excluded from the table.

     - This player has played two times.
     - This player has played three times.
     - This player has played four times.
     - This player has played five times.
     - This player has played six times.