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Challenges are competitions in Suitman's Survivor where the contestants convene and battle as tribes or as individuals for safety from elimination.

These immunity challenge take place daily and can be live at a specific time, or alternatively set as non-live over a number of hours. Whomever win the challenge will receive either the Immunity Idol or the Immunity Necklace as a token of their success, depending on weather it is the tribal or individual phase.

Challenge List

Below is a list of all the Immunity Challenges that have featured in the Second Generation of Suitman's Survivor, listed with the first season it was in, and the most recent season it was in.

Name First Season Last Season
The Amazing Race Kiribati Polynesia
Avatar Avalanche Moral vs. Merciless Ragnarok
Before or After Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Betting Royal Unfinished Business Entitled vs. Earned
Bloody Hands Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
BOOM Polynesia Worlds Collide
Bottleneck Stampede Ragnarok Ragnarok
Boxes of Pain, Boxes of Joy Japan Last Leap
Buff Call Saint Lucia Great Britain
Categories Polynesia Polynesia
Category Musical Chairs Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Chain of Command Bhutan Ragnarok
Chain Reaction Friends vs. Favorites Friends vs. Favorites
Chop, Chop, Chop Mongolia Entitled vs. Earned
Coconut Conundrum Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Codebreaker Canary Islands Canary Islands
Color Trap Polynesia Polynesia
Competition Recall Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Correct Order Required Rejects vs. Royals Rejects vs. Royals
Count Your Coins El Salvador Puerto Rico
Crystal Ball Puerto Rico Indonesia
Cut the Rope Saint Lucia Unfinished Business
Devils Puzzle Puerto Rico Ragnarok
Dog Eat Dog Puerto Rico Indonesia
DodgePassionFruit Brazil Canary Islands
Don't Trend On Me New Zealand Japan
Eliminator Eritrea Ragnarok
Endurance Mongolia Canary Islands
Entrapment Mongolia Honduras
Face the Answer Entitled vs. Earned Ragnarok
Family Feud Rejects vs. Royals Canary Islands
Flashback and Find Unfinished Business Ragnarok
Flip the Burgers Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Gauntlet Saint Lucia Ragnarok
Gems Polynesia Polynesia
Give & Take Entitled vs. Earned Entitled vs. Earned
Gun Show Rally Worlds Collide Honduras
He Said, She Said Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Head Hunter Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Hold the Button Rejects vs. Royals Rejects vs. Royals
The Hunt Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
I Bet You Mongolia Mongolia
I Know My Survivor Logos Mongolia Great Britain
Immunity Hell Polynesia Polynesia
It's All Words to Me Mongolia Ragnarok
Jigsaw Puzzle Occultus Island Occultus Island
Jump the Gun Mongolia Worlds Collide
Jury Match-Up Mayhem Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Karma Comes Back Round Jordan Worlds Collide
Knight Moves Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Lightsaber Wars Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
Location Calculation Last Leap Bhutan
Majority Rules Mongolia Bingo vs. Suitman
Make Your Challenge Canary Islands Canary Islands
Match 'Em Up Brazil East Timor
Matchmaker Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Mail Mash-Up El Salvador Entitled vs. Earned
Minority Rules All-Stars Brunei
Morphed Together Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Muddled Mayhem Japan Ragnarok
Muddled World Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Name That Logo! Worlds Collide Honduras
Name Them Tribes Mongolia Saint Lucia
Numbers, Numbers Moral vs. Merciless Worlds Collide
On the Reverse Conqueror's Crusade Ragnarok
Pac-Man Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Panic Button Unfinished Business Ragnarok
Pass the Torch Mongolia Ragnarok
Pass the Baton Entitled vs. Earned Entitled vs. Earned
Pass the Bomb Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Pick Your Path Indonesia Indonesia
Place Your Bets Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Performance Equals Power Canary Islands Canary Islands
Polls Apart Bhutan Rejects vs. Royals
Printscreen Challenge Mongolia Canary Islands
Prized Position Second Chances Indonesia
Puzzle Me This Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Puzzle Paths Canary Islands Canary Islands
Rainbow Rush Jordan Entitled vs. Earned
Real-Estate Rumble Rejects vs. Royals Ragnarok
Rebus Puzzles Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Riddle Me This Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Rocket Race Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Say What You See Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Scavenger Hunt Jordan Venezuela
Selfish Test Polynesia Polynesia
Show Your Love Friends vs. Favorites Second Chances
Simpleton Trivia Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Skills Apart Polynesia Polynesia
Slash Away the Score Brunei Occultus Island
Sliding Puzzle Mongolia Honduras
Smash and Search Mongolia Last Leap
Smash For Victory Venezuela East Timor
Sound the Cannons Caicos Islands Second Chances
Spam 'Till You Drop New Zealand New Zealand
Speed Mail Polynesia Polynesia
The Sprint Moral vs. Merciless Bhutan
Stay or Fold Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Step Up to the Mark Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
Stop the Flood Solomon Islands Entitled vs. Earned
Sudoku Polynesia Canary Islands
Survivor A-Z Japan El Salvador
Survivor Auction Brunei Ragnarok
Survivor Buff Challenge Brazil Great Britain
Survivor Golf Jordan Vietnam
Survivor Penalties Great Britain Cursed Hand
Survivor Pyramid Mongolia Entitled vs. Earned
Survivor Quidditch Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
Survivor Trivia Bhutan Bhutan
Tangram Trail Indonesia Canary Islands
Team Task Jordan All-Stars
Those Damn Hurdles Mongolia Ragnarok
Three Cards Jordan Jordan
Three Stages of Hell Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Three to One Friends vs. Favorites El Salvador
Titular Titles Brazil Canary Islands
Test of Tasks Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Thunderdome Unfinished Business Indonesia
To: Me Jordan Entitled vs. Earned
Tower Defence Moral vs. Merciless Entitled vs. Earned
The Vault Bhutan Honduras
Tribe Bounce Kazakhstan Indonesia
Triple Threat Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Trivia Math El Salvador Puerto Rico
Ultimate Pyramid Ragnarok Ragnarok
Up the Rungs Brunei Brunei
Unscrambler Bingo vs. Suitman Bingo vs. Suitman
Viewer's Voice Moral vs. Merciless Moral vs. Merciless
Veto Hunt Worlds Collide Worlds Collide
Wobniar Hsur Ragnarok Ragnarok
Word Codes Venezuela Entitled vs. Earned
Word Hunt Indonesia Canary Islands
Win Dat Bloggot Jordan Ragnarok

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