Cursed Hand is a twist that featured in the titular season Survivor: Cursed Hand. It is a twist to the pre-merge game of a season, and it gives voted out players the chance to get their revenge by initiating a Tribe Switch between two players on separate tribes.


The twist was introduced in Survivor: Cursed Hand in an attempt to shake up the pre-merge. In this twist, players who are voted out may select one member of their former tribe to switch with a member of one of the other two tribes, where they will both need to fight to stay in the numbers. However it is not all doom and gloom for the switched castaways as they will recieve an idol clue to the whereabouts of the special Neglect and Reflect Idol. Furthermore, castaways can only have the Cursed Hand twist brought upon them once. There are however conditions to this twist. The voted out castaway must decide which two people to switch between 11am EST and 4pm EST (That's AFTER they have been voted out, but BEFORE the next challenge). Furthermore if the voted out castaway received a self-vote at a Tribal Council for not voting on time and then proceed to get voted out, then they will lose their ability to activate the twist as a punishment. This twist continued into the merge with a new purpose. Voted out players now got to select one or two people to be voided from voting at the next Tribal Council.

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