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The Extra Vote was a twist introduced in Survivor: Jan Mayen. It allows players to vote twice in one Tribal Council, potentially shifting the vote balance. It has subsequently been seen and used multiple times since it's inception.


A player would typically receive an extra vote at a prize challenge, such as the Survivor Auction, Prized Position, The Vault or Count Your Coins. This vote can be played until there are only five contestants left. The player that owns it may vote another player twice or vote two separate people. It will be counted as any other vote. However, this also means that this vote can still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol. A variation of the extra vote featured as part of the Vote Stealer twist in Rejects vs. Royals, Puerto Rico and Entitled vs. Earned.

Extra Vote History

Season Episode Castaway
Extra Voter Voted For Eliminated
Jan Mayen "Dog Muzzle For His Mouth" Joe D..png
Joe D.
Ben G..pngBen G..png
Ben, Ben
Joe D.
Last Leap "Big Move Is My Middle Name" S24 Blake B..png
Blake B.
S24 Connor J..pngS24 Connor J..png
Connor, Connor
Blake B.
Alexandra A.
S24 Will S..png
Will S.
S24 Alexandra A..pngS24 Alexandra A..png
Alexandra, Alexandra
Rejects vs. Royals "That Ship Had Sailed" Dakota M..png
Dakota M.
S28 Lynette L..pngS28 Lynette L..png
Lynette, Lynette
S28 Lynette
Lynette L.
El Salvador "Slitting Some Throats" Kelly R..png
Kelly R.
Steven S..pngSteven S..png
Steven, Steven
Steven S.
Polynesia "Battle of the Sheep" S30 Jacob B..png
Jacob B.
S30 Nick R..pngS30 Nick R..png
Nick, Nick
S30 Nick
Nick R.
Unfinished Business "Just in Self-Preservation Mode" S32 Amy C..png
Amy C.
S32 Chris M..pngS32 Chris M..png
Chris, Chris
S32 Chris
Chris M.
Ayia Thekla "Refuse To Roll Over And Die" David C..png
David C.
Jordan X..pngJordan X..png
Jordan, Jordan
David C.
Honduras "The World Owes You Jack Shit" Mike R..png
Mike R.
Zach C..pngZach C..png
Zach, Zach
Mike R.
Indonesia "Put My Name Down Tonight" S37 Newz O..png
Newz O.
S37 LeQuisha Q..pngS37 LeQuisha Q..png
LeQuisha, LeQuisha
S37 LeQuisha
LeQuisha Q.
Entitled vs. Earned "He Can Burn In Hell" S39 Ethan H..png
Ethan H.
S39 Leah P..pngS39 Leah P..png
Leah, Leah
S39 Leah
Leah P.

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