The Final Tribal Council is the final event of the game before the reunion. This is where the finalists face the Jury, who will have a very important decision to make in voting for a winner. The person who gets the most votes from the Jury will win the title of Sole Survivor and the one million dollar prize that goes with it.

Up until Survivor: Jordan every season ended with a Final Two, but after the Final Three was introduced in Survivor: All-Stars, seasons began alternating between the two formats. More recently, the Final Two format has taken a back seat, and the Final Three has been present in all seasons from Bingo vs. Suitman to Conqueror's Crusade. Bhutan and Kiribati saw the revival of the Final Two after a six-season absence.

While remaining contestants are present to watch over the proceedings, the host does not ask either the finalists nor the Jury any questions, as opposed to an ordinary Tribal Council.

Another change is that in the Final Tribal Council votes are cast not by the remaining contestants, but by the Jury, and that they are voting for and not against somebody.


The finalists will be given a chance to convince the Jury that they deserve to win Survivor. They might talk about their strategic moves, their alliances or their athletic ability but no matter what they talk about they are trying to convince the Jury that they are the most deserving person to win the title of Sole Survivor. After the finalists deliver their opening speeches, the Jury will given a brief time to think about their speech or question before addressing them. Each Jury member has the option to:

  • Ask each of the final players a question (either for one specific finalist, or all of them), which that player must answer.
  • Make a short speech which requires no answer but is meant to throw the finalists off guard, possibly venting all of the Juror's frustrations after being eliminated from the game, or telling the Jury why they should vote for a certain player.

After this, the host will ask the Jury to vote for who they think deserves to win the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar cash prize. Unlike previous Tribal Council sessions, where players write the name of the tribe mate they want to go home, this time, the Jury votes for a winner.

After the vote, the voting urn with the votes in it is taken away by the host. The players are told that the vote will be announced during the live finale, and the votes are secured somewhere until then.

Prior to the use of a three-way final Tribal Council, the Jury has always been odd-numbered with seven people, thus ensuring that no tie would be possible. However, with every Final Three Jury, or in the case of an even-numbered Jury for a Final Two, a tie may be possible. They are resolved by having the last person voted off pre-jury return as a back-up substitute Juror who will vote to break the tie. So far this has happened on two occasions, in Survivor: Brazil and Survivor: Friends vs. Favorites.

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