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The Head of Household (abbreviated HOH) is a twist featured in Turney vs. Suitman: Worlds Collide. It is a position of supreme power and control over the game, selected each week by competition. The winner of Head of Household is free from the threat of eviction, but are faced with the decision of nominating two castaways for eviction and putting up a replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used.


HOH Competition

Each week, all eligible castaways compete in the HOH Competition. HOH Competitions generally fall into one of three major categories.


Trivia competitions are fairly short, with questions ranging from events of the game to quotes from previously evicted castaways. The castaways line up, each getting their own booth, unable to see each other. Once the question is given to the players, the host generally says "Answers, please.", and spin their dials to answer, typically, either: "True or False", "Yes or No", or "Red or Blue". One incorrect answer eliminates the castaway from the competition. The last person standing wins and becomes Head of Household. If, after all possible questions are exhausted and there are still two or more castaways in the competition, a tiebreaker round begins. The answer is always a number, ranging from the number of seconds something has been going on to the weight of an object used in the competition. The castaways write their answers down on a provided chalkboard, and the player closest to the number without going over wins, and becomes HOH. If all players go over, then whoever is closest wins HOH.


Skill competitions, sometimes refereed to as crap shoots, usually involve bowling or shuffleboard type games in which castaways compete while trying to get their marker closest to a certain point without going past it (although sometimes these competitions may differ in format).


Endurance competitions, generally last the longest of any competition. Players generally line up in either a small platform, revolving cylinder, or in a cage. The last person standing wins HOH. Harsh weather conditions such as rain sprinklers, falling leaves, or foamy "snow", are generally used to make the contest at grueling as possible. Some competitions also are a combination of endurance and skill, such as filling up an enormous fishbowl, but only using a teacup to do it.

The Final HOH

The Final HOH competition occurs when only three players remain. It's broken into three parts: each played on a different day. The first part is always an endurance competition, and usually requires competitors to hold onto something through some sort of grueling condition. The winner of the round automatically advances to part three, while the two remaining castaways compete in the skill competition. The winners of parts one and two, then compete in part three of the Final HOH competition, which is always some sort of trivia. The winner becomes the Final Head of Household, and selects who they take with them to the Final 2, with the other castaway being immediately evicted.

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