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The Last Chance Saloon is a twist that first featured in Survivor: Solomon Islands and returned for Survivor: Canary Islands and also Survivor: Entitled vs. Earned (as part of The Earned Trials). It allowed a small group of potential returning players earn a spot into the main cast by winning a condensed version of the Survivor game format.


The competition takes place over the course of one evening. Each round consists of an individual immunity challenge (usually a quicker version of a normal season game) and a quick 10-minute Tribal Council, where everyone but the winner of the challenge is eligible to be voted out. This process continues until there are only two castaways remaining, with the jury of voted out candidates electing the person who advances to the main cast for the season.


Solomon Islands

On June 18, 2016 it was revealed that there would be a chance for candidates to fight for a place as the 4th member of the Wildcards on Survivor: Solomon Islands. The competition occurred on June 21, 2016. Mickle, Morgan, Ollie and Will were disqualified for not attending the competition, while LeQuisha defeated the remaining 9 competitors and earned a spot on the season.

LeQuisha Q..png
LeQuisha Q.
Davey E.
Jacob G.
S28 Erik
Erik I.
Austin T.
S30 Kelly
Kelly R.
S32 Rich
Rich Z.
Millie M.
S30 Robby
Robby J.
S32 Brittany
Brittany J.
S30 Mickle
Mickle P.
S30 Morgan
Morgan S.
S27 Ollie
Ollie M.
S30 Will
Will T.

Canary Islands

The Last Chance Saloon returned for Survivor: Canary Islands, allowing candidates to fight for a place as the 10th member of the El Hierro Last Chancers tribe. The competition occurred on December 29, 2016. Matt and Michonne were disqualified for not attending the competition, while Jake S. defeated the remaining 7 competitors and earned a spot on the season.

Jake S..png
Jake S.
Riley A.
Jake J.
Brady S.
Maddie G.
Tim L.
Bobby K.
Stuart H.
Matt N.
Michonne A.

Entitled vs. Earned

For information on the series of Last Chance Saloon games from Survivor: Entitled vs. Earned , visit the full Earned Trials page.

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