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Like A Science Lair is the ninth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.

Episode Summary

  • Immunity Challenge: Jump the Gun

After Mikey was sent home, Simon was very annoyed with Game and the other members of his tribe for being shady, leaving him the last standing member of Leuven. This solidified Simon as a member of the Saint Lucia alliance, as he knew he definitely didn’t want to align himself with the Brazilians. He decided to try and play the victim card as means of survival, hoping to use it to get what he wants out of Game. On Charleroi, Reynold was disheartened and angry at Game for the exit of Mikey, knowing he needed him for merge majority. He was however pretty sure that he had Nick, Simon, Alexandra and Dylan J. on his side, so he’d be able to at least cause a tie. However, he was not 100% sure everyone would stick to their guns. Alexandra meanwhile was very sceptical about staying with the Saint Lucians, and decided that she would play both sides for the minute, knowing she had Dylan B., Jamie, Colleen and Game to team up with, who also had Stephen for a majority, if she didn’t want to stay with Nick and Reynold’s group. With that, the merge was finally announced, and the final ten became the Roeselare tribe. Dylan B. decided that the Brazilians should go for Dylan J. first, and, in an effort to ensure Alexandra’s loyalty, told her to vote Nick, in case she blabbed to the Saint Lucians. This however backfired when, in an effort to blindside Nick, Alexandra told the Saint Lucia alliance the Brazilians were voting for Dylan J., not knowing it was the Brazilians’ real target. Meanwhile in an effort to get the numbers, Nick tried to get Jamie to vote for Reynold as a random vote to make five votes enough to get someone from the Brazilians gone. Yet Jamie wasn’t falling for the ploy, as he knew of the Saint Lucia coalition. They were therefore forced to change their vote to Simon, to avoid an idol play from Nick or Reynold on themselves or Dylan J., which slightly angered Dylan B., as he was starting to rebuild their trust. However he knew Simon’s loyalties were with the Saint Lucians, and therefore the move had to be made. At the Immunity Challenge, Alexandra won individual immunity. Meanwhile, Game continued to be a wildcard. By keeping in contact with Nick and Reynold he had found out the Saint Lucians were planning to vote for Stephen to avoid idols. Knowing Jamie’s closeness with Stephen and Colleen, Game was deciding whether or not it was better for his game to get Stephen out, and weaken one of the Brazilian’s head-honchos. With Jamie, Colleen, Dylan B. and Stephen on one side, and Nick, Reynold, Dylan J. and Simon on the other, it came down to where Alexandra and Game’s loyalty was. At Tribal Council, Alexandra voted Simon with the Brazilians and Game flipped and voted Stephen with the Saint Lucians, causing a 5-5 tie. Scrambling started once again as people tried to break the tie and avoid rocks. In a bid to get Game to flip back, Dylan and Colleen hastily promised a fake alliance with him. Game felt like he had screwed up, as he’d thought Alexandra would throw away a random vote as was the initial Brazilian play, avoiding a tie. But this did not happen with the vote change and he now had a major decision. After trying to get Alexandra to vote Simon didn’t work, he decided it was best to go along with the Brazilians for the moment, and so flipped back and voted for Simon in the re-vote, eliminating him from the game in a 5-3 re-vote, putting the Brazil alliance in the majority, and the Saint Lucians with a big problem.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S6 Simon S..png
Simon (5 votes)
S6 Alexandra A..pngS6 Colleen M..pngS6 Dylan B..pngS6 Jamie G..pngS6 Stephen J..png
Alexandra, Colleen, Dylan B., Jamie & Stephen
S6 Stephen J..png
Stephen (5 votes)
S6 Dylan J..pngS6 Game T..pngS6 Nick M..pngS6 Reynold K..pngS6 Simon S..png
Dylan J., Game, Nick, Reynold & Simon
S6 Simon S..png
Simon (5 votes)
S6 Alexandra A..pngS6 Colleen M..pngS6 Dylan B..pngS6 Game T..pngS6 Jamie G..png
Alexandra, Colleen, Dylan B., Game & Jamie
S6 Stephen J..png
Stephen (3 votes)
S6 Dylan J..pngS6 Nick M..pngS6 Reynold K..png
Dylan J., Nick & Reynold
S6 Simon
Simon S.

Still in the Running

Charleroi Leuven Seraing
S6 Colleen M..png
S6 Dylan J..png
Dylan J.
S6 Jamie G..png
S6 Chris
S6 Evan
S6 Joe
S6 Alexandra A..png
S6 Cory
S6 Dylan B..png
Dylan B.
S6 Nick M..png
S6 Stephen J..png
S6 Will
S6 Logan
S6 Mikey
S6 Simon
S6 Game T..png
S6 Josh
S6 Reynold K..png