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Medical Evacuations (also referred to as Medevacs or simply Evacuations) are rare instances where a contestant is removed from the game without being voted out due to inactivity or banning from the Tengaged website. The rule is one of the newest in Suitman's Survivor, and was first introduced in Survivor: Eritrea. Previous to it's initiation, castaways could get away with inactivity as a legitimate strategy.


A medical evacuation is triggered when one of two things happen:

  • A player has self-voted three times throughout the season, and is therefore deemed too inactive to remain in the game.
  • A player has received a permanent ban from the website, and therefore cannot actively continue in the game.
  • A player has received a temporary ban from the website, and therefore will be inactive for a large length of time that will disrupt the game.

Evacuation History

This list contains all castaways who have been involuntarily pulled from the game, with the season, episode and day they were evacuated.

Season Episode Day of Medevac Evacuee
Eritrea "Make Him Eternally Nominated!" Day 9 S21 Game T..png
Game T.
El Salvador "Eric Lives At FedEx!" Day 8 Joe K..png
Joe K.
"Definition of Terrible" Day 10 Alan B..png
Alan B.
Kazakhstan "Guess Again Bitch!" Day 8 Dan D..png
Dan D.
"My Agent Free Antics" Day 9 Austin B..png
Austin B.
Ayia Thekla "Refuse To Roll Over And Die" Day 10 S34 John C..png
John C.
Honduras "Petri Dish For Neurotic Nuts" Day 7 Akshay R..png
Akshay R.
"The World Owes You Jack Shit" Day 11 McCloud D..png
McCloud D.

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