The Non-Finalist Survival Leaderboard is a overall ranking of the top-performing non-winners, as assessed by our numerical assessment policy otherwise known as "Survival Scores". No specific castaways or individual stats are excluded in this ranking, so it could be considered a definitive ranking of the castaways that have never reached the Final Tribal Council in Suitman's Survivor.



SurvSc, or Survival Score, is a general statistical assessment of the way each castaway has played the game. It takes into account the number of total challenges won by each castaway, divided by the number of people on their tribe in tribal challenges, but awarded alone for individual wins. Votes cast against the player count negatively towards their survival score, while they are rewarded if they vote correctly for the castaway that leaves the game at each Tribal Council. The best scores can come from having 0 votes cast against you, and can be a real overall point boost. Castaways who make the Final Tribal Council get extra points for the percentage of votes they receive from the jury, however this is irrelevant for this particular ranking, since it does not include finalists.

This is one of the rankings made counter the effects of the jury vote points, as well as the non-winner leaderboard, and the board that excludes jury votes completely. Alternatively, the single-season and winner only leaderboards deal with the ranking of the champions of Suitman's Survivor, and are more inclusive of the Jury votes.


Single-season non-finalist SurvSc leaders (the top 15)
Rank Contestant, Username Season SurvSc
1 S35 Jacob B. Jacob B.
S35 Solomon Islands 9.35
2 S35 AJ R. AJ R.
S35 Solomon Islands 8.05
3 S35 Rhys R. Rhys R.
S35 Solomon Islands 5.82
4 S32 Max A. Max A.
S32 Unfinished Business 5.40
John P. John P.
S5 Jordan 5.40
6 Zach H. Zach H.
S19 Jan Mayen 5.35
7 Joe E. Joe E.
S39 Entitled vs. Earned 5.14
8 S35 Max C. Max C.
S35 Solomon Islands 5.05
S18 Brendon R. Brendon R.
S18 Second Chances 5.05
9 Tony I. Tony I.
S7 Venezuela 4.77
10 Sagar O. Sagar O.
S11 Brunei 4.70
Robby J. Robby J.
S22 New Zealand 4.70
12 Raphael S. Raphael S.
S10 Seychelles 4.53
13 Dylan J. Dylan J.
S4 Great Britain 4.64
14 Nick J. Nick J.
S28 Rejects vs. Royals 4.61
15 S17 Mearl M. Mearl M.
S17 Reclamation 4.56

Glossary of Terms

  • SurvSc: The Survival Score. Calculated by the formula SurvAv = ChW + wTCR + wJV%. Known as the Survival Average on True Dork Times, but re-labbeled here. Check the full scores spreadsheet for full breakdown of points.
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