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The Odd Necklace is a twist that first appeared in the second generation during Survivor: Brazil, and returned nine seasons later for Survivor: Friends vs. Favorites. The twist adds a new Individual Immunity necklace into the game - one which is used and played differently to the normal one.


The Odd Necklace guarantees the possessor safety from the next Tribal Council their tribe goes to. The identity of the holder is not revealed until just before the votes are read, voiding any votes against that person much like a Hidden Immunity Idol. Once someone has used the Odd Necklace at Tribal Council, they can give the necklace to a member of the other tribe or keep it for a second Tribal Council. If they chose to keep it for a second Tribal, as a consequence, they will not be able to vote at that Tribal Council. The Odd Necklace cannot be held by the same player for more than two consecutive Tribal Councils they attend and a player cannot give the Necklace back to the person who gave it to them. You also cannot give the necklace to someone who has been offline for one day or more, because it is possible they would not be able to do anything with it after use since they have gone inactive.

Owning History


  • Dylan B. was the first person to have possession of the Odd Necklace. He had it on two occasions. Once on Day 1 and once again on Day 6, where he decided to keep the necklace for Day 7 too, and took a consequence for this.
  • Jamie G. was also in possession of the necklace on two occasions, once on Day 2, where he kept it without consequence to Day 3 because the other tribe was at Tribal, and once again at the merge on Day 8, where the necklace voided two votes cast against him.
  • Chris B. held the necklace on Day 4, and kept it without punishment on Day 5 when the other tribe was at Tribal.
  • Jadie J., while inactive, held the necklace for Day 9 and Day 10 where it voided two self-votes from herself, one cast on each day.
  • Colleen M. was the last person to hold the necklace in this season on Day 11. While in possession, the necklace voided three votes against Colleen, saving her from being sent home.

Friends vs. Favorites

  • Jack T. was the first person to have possession of the Odd Necklace. He had it on two occasions. Once on Day 1 - where he kept it for Day 2 and took a consequence, giving it up on Day 5 - and once again on Day 11, where he made the same decision, saving it for Day 12 with a consequence but voiding two votes against him.
  • Ashley A. held the necklace on Day 5 and voided three votes against him. He gave it up on Day 8.
  • Renny T. acquired the necklace on Day 8 and gave it up after using it at the first merge tribal on Day 9.
  • Ryan W. was the last person to hold the necklace in this season on Day 13 for One Day Tribes, and voided one vote against him. He kept it with a consequence on Day 14 before the twist was retired.
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