Performance Equals Power is a challenge twist that featured in Survivor: Canary Islands. The twist awards votes at Tribal Council depending on how well they do in a single individual immunity challenge, which will take place during the merge phase. The better a castaway performs, the more votes they get to cast that round.


The twist was the only new twist voted in by the castaways as part of the Make Your Mark theme of Survivor: Canary Islands. The challenge it effected was on Day 12, as decided by Jake S. during the Survivor Auction. In a game of Musical Chairs, castaways received an extra vote to cast for each round they advanced in the challenge. Those who did not pass the first round got just a single vote to cast, while the castaway that won was the sole person able to cast 4 votes, alongside having immunity. The remaining castaways received either 2 or 3 votes to cast, depending on weather they fell in the second or final round. Below is a list stating the number of votes each player was eligible to cast.

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