Player of the Season was the most coveted of the Suitman's Survivor awards, and it is awarded to the player who had the largest impact on the season and/or had the best chance at winning if in the finals. The winner of the award is decided by the host. It has been dropped as an award as of Survivor: Eritrea.

Award History

Season Award Winner
Mongolia Logan W.
Saint Lucia Reynold K.
Brazil Dylan B.
Great Britain Dylan J.
Jordan Will C.
All-Stars Jamie G.
Venezuela Jeremy A.
Caicos Islands Adam B.
East Timor Adam B.
Seychelles Ryan W.
Brunei Austin E.
Friends vs. Favorites Jack T.
Vietnam Dana M.
Occultus Island Game T.
Moral vs. Merciless Wyatt A.
Cursed Hand Alex C.
Reclamation Jim B.
Second Chances Sagar O.
Jan Mayen Ben G.
Bingo vs. Suitman Ryan C.

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