The Power of Veto is a twist featured in Turney vs. Suitman: Worlds Collide. This gives the owner safety from being nominated, and the option to veto one of the Nominations off the Block. The Head of Household chooses a replacement nominee to take their place, if the veto is used.


Veto Competition

Every week, six castaways would compete in a competition to win the Power of Veto. The six castaways who get to are: the Head of Household, both nominees, and three other players selected randomly. Whoever won the competition, wins the Power of Veto, and also earns safety for the rest of the week, as they cannot be nominated (unless the holder is already a current nominee, and chooses not to use the Veto on themselves).

The Power of Veto Meeting

Once the Veto Competition has concluded, the winner is given thirty minutes to decide how they want to use the Veto. After being given thirty minutes to think about their decision, the Power of Veto holder summons the other castaways to begin the meeting. The Veto Holder begins the meeting by explaining the power the Veto holds and then asks the nominees to make a final plea. Each nominee makes a brief speech, if they so desire, to try and convince the Veto Holder to use the Veto on them. Once speeches are concluded, the Veto Holder makes their decision. If they choose to use the Veto, they place the Veto around the neck of the nominee they have chosen to save. Then the Veto Holder sits, and the Head of Household stands, and chooses a replacement nominee, who then takes the immediately empty seat. If the Veto is not used, the Veto Holder places the Veto in a box in front of the castaways and closes it shut. After all decisions are made, the Veto Holder calls the meeting adjourned.

Secret Veto

The Secret Veto is the Big Brother equivalent of the Hidden Immunity Idol, and as such plays a significant part in Worlds Collide. A secret veto must be played before voting for eviction begins like standard POV, however the other contestants will not be aware the person has it until they play it. The "hidden veto-idol" power in Worlds Collide enables contestants to use either a secret veto or a hidden idol once, with contestants who already own one or the other gaining a "hidden veto-idol" power from the get-go.

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