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Below is a list of the and current and former members of the Suitman's Survivor Hosting Team. The Hosting Team are the main group of people who work together to manage the smooth running of the series.


Executive Producer: These people are the ones who decide how the actual game is going to be run, the locations, twists and casting. They control the output of the show.
Host/Co-Host: These are the people who run the actual seasons by setting up and presenting the challenges and Tribal Councils on a daily basis.
Wiki Administrator: This person keeps this useful sorce of information constantly up-to-date and formatted.
Cast Advisor: This person is someone who helps the host decide who is best to cast on each season from the relevant applicants or returning player choices.

Current Team

Name Role Duration
Shawn G..jpg
Shawn G.
Executive Producer and Host Mongolia - Ragnarok
S25 Wyatt A..png
Wyatt A.
Cast Advisor Eritrea - Last Leap
Executive Producer / Cast Advisor / Co-Host Bhutan - Ragnarok
S34 Chazz P..png
Chazz P.
Co-Wiki Administrator Japan - Rejects vs. Royals
Kazakhstan - Ragnarok
S39 Nick J..png
Nick J.
Co-Wiki Administrator Puerto Rico - Ragnarok

Former Team

Name Role Duration
Zeero Z..jpg
Nile Z.
Former Executive Producer Mongolia - Great Britain
Former Chief Administrator Jordan - Friends vs. Favorites
S25 Adam B..png
Adam B.
Former Executive Producer Jordan - Venezuela
Jus J..jpg
Jus J.
Former Cast Advisor All-Stars - Venezuela
Former Executive Producer Caicos Islands
Jamie G..png
Jamie G.
Former Executive Producer East Timor - Seychelles
S24 Joe W..png
Joe W.
Former Executive Producer Vietnam - Moral vs. Merciless
Joe F..png
Joe F.
Former Wiki Administrator Brunei - Moral vs. Merciless
S24 Alexandra A..png
Alexandra A.
Former Executive Producer Brunei - Jan Mayen
S24 Will S..png
Will S.
Former Executive Producer Cursed Hand - Jan Mayen
S24 Tim T..png
Tim T.
Former Executive Producer Bingo vs. Suitman - Japan
Coldan D..png
Coldan D.
Former Executive Producer Bingo vs. Suitman - Last Leap
S24 Ryan C..png
Ryan C.
Former Executive Producer Conqueror's Crusade

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