A Quit is a rare method of elimination in which a contestant chooses to leave the game without being voted out. Although not technically deemed as quiting, some contestants have also explicitly requested that they be voted out at Tribal Council.

Quit History

This list contains all castaways who have voluntarily decided to leave the game, with the season, episode and day they quit in.

Season Episode Day of Quit Quitter
All-Stars "New Tribes. New Game." Day 5 S6 Chris B.
Chris B.
Venezuela "I Suck At Life" Day 4 Jake A.
Jake A.
East Timor "Better You Than Me" Day 3 Ellie S.
Ellie S.
Brunei "I'd Rather Not Drown Today" Day 9 Sagar O.
Sagar O.
New Zealand "I'm Not Entirely a Failure" Day 8 S22 Sim S.
Sim S.
Polynesia "We Are Not Luzon!" Day 3 S30 Charlie B.
Charlie B.
"Sketchier By the Day" Day 5 S30 Austin W.
Austin W.
Kazakhstan "I Can Do Anything" Day 6 Jon R.
Jon R.
Puerto Rico "Don't Ever Accuse the Royal King of Lying!" Day 1 Zach B.
Zach B.
Solomon Islands "We Need Our Beloved Daughter Back" Day 1 S35 Alexandra A.
Alexandra A.
"Don't Even Know What A Gamebot Is" Day 2 S35 Brandon A.
Brandon A.
Honduras "The Business of Winning" Day 4 Karter K.
Karter K.
Canary Islands "Thank the God That Doesn't Exist" Day 3 S38 Chris H.
Chris H.


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