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Retribution Island is an evolution of the Redemption Island twist to the standard Survivor game.

Being the primary twist of Survivor: Honduras, this twist provides an opportunity for three eliminated players to re-enter the game and continue their pursuit for the title of Sole Survivor. In order to do so however, eliminated contestants must either draw specific Chaos Cards or win their way back by dueling.


Immediately after being voted out, the castaway would draw a Chaos Card out of a numbered deck. Two cards grant the castaway who drew them to immediately re-entry to the game on the tribe of their choice (or the merged tribe). If the castaway fails to pull a return card, they then take their snuffed torch with them as they walk out of Tribal Council, and take with them to Retribution Island. When the next person is voted out, that player would be sent to Retribution Island as well, meeting up with current inhabitant at the same night. They would then live together from that point, until the next morning, where they will duel to remain on the island. The loser of the duel would be eliminated for good, while the victor would pull another card. Once both return cards had been pulled from the deck, the twist would end, with the last standing castaway after one final duel also earning their place back in the game as a third returner.

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