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The Roulette Wheel is a twist that featured in Survivor: Kiribati. It was a new adaptation of the One World multiple tribe switch twist, which could enable the tribes to swap every day, stay the same, or merge for a day - all decided by random draw. The twist returned for Survivor: Entitled vs. Earned, where it instead could enable a variety of twists every day, instead of just tribe switches.


Every day from Day 2 onwards, the roulette wheel spins and lands on one of the four Black spaces, four Red spaces or one Green space. The chosen color dictates what happens.

  • BLACK: Tribes remain the same with no change.
  • RED: Immediate tribe swap (into two tribes if currently three, into three tribes if currently two).
  • GREEN: Immediate One Day Merge.

If the wheel happens to land on green and the tribes merge for the day, the roulette's' options temporarily change.

  • BLACK: Swap back into TWO tribes.
  • RED: Swap back into THREE tribes.
  • GREEN: Continue merge for another day.

In Survivor: Entitled vs. Earned, the color's outcomes were altered to fit the new Roulette Wheel theme.

  • BLACK: Nothing Happens.
  • RED: Spins the Twist Wheel.
  • GREEN: Spins the Twist Wheel twice.

If the wheel lands on red or green, the twist wheel is then spun. The five twists on the wheel every round varied every day, and each twist had three spaces to land on. A Tribe Switch always remained on the wheel (into two tribes if currently three, into three tribes if currently two). A One Day Merge also always remained on the wheel, until it was actually landed on, in which case it would be removed from all future rounds.


In Kiribati, the red space was picked numerous times, with the black coming up only once, despite the odds. The green space was also landed on once which, due to timing, made it a permanent merge.

  • Day 2: RED - into two tribes.
  • Day 3: RED - into three tribes.
  • Day 4: RED - into two tribes.
  • Day 5: BLACK
  • Day 6: RED - back into three original tribes.
  • Day 7: RED - into two tribes.
  • Day 8: GREEN - permanent merge.

In Entitled vs. Earned, the black space was picked twice in the first three spins, which caused for the wheel's color format to change, eliminating one black space and replacing it with an additional red space to help allow more twists to enter the game. A new rule was also implemented to add more Tribe Switch spaces to the wheel every 3 days without one occurring, and any extra tribe switch spaces would be removed following a swap. The wheel's last spin was on Day 17, the last day before the finale.

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