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The Season Tiers, otherwise known as Flopman's Awful Opinions, are a basic ranking of the seasons of Suitman's Survivor in the opinion of the host, SuitMan13. The seasons are put into one of five distinct categories - Legendary, Superb, Good, Average and Poor. A number of factors go into where a season is placed including the interest and unpredictability of the seasons, the likability of the cast, and the quality of the winner. The list is subject to change upon the host's opinion.

Want to categorise the seasons yourself? Post in the comments below where you would put each the seasons you have followed, and post your opinion on the host's decisions.


This is an elite group of seasons that are known as the very best of Suitman's Survivor. These are the seasons most associated with the series or remembered the most amongst the community.
S6 All-Stars.pngS17 Reclamation.pngS18 Second Chances.pngS32 Unfinished Business.pngS39 Entitled vs. Earned.pngS40 Ragnarok.png


These seasons are generally known as some of the most entertaining and unpredictable seasons, but do not have the same status or reputation as the Legendary seasons.
S5 Jordan.pngS11 Brunei.pngS20 Bingo vs. Suitman.pngS21 Allies vs. Adversaries.pngS23 Japan.pngS38 Canary Islands.png


This tier is for likeable and fun seasons that may not be among the top, but are still recognised for being very good in their own right.
S2 Saint Lucia.pngS3 Brazil.pngS8 Caicos Islands.pngS19 Jan Mayen.pngS22 New Zealand.pngS24 Last Leap.pngS25 Conqueror's Crusade.pngS29 El Salvador.pngS30 Polynesia.pngS33 Puerto Rico.pngS34 Ayia Thekla.pngS35x Turney vs. Suitman.pngS36 Honduras.pngS37 Indonesia.png


The average tier is for the seasons that made the grade but are easily forgettable for not having as many distinguishable or memorable features as the ones above.
S7 Venezuela.pngS12 Friends vs. Favorites.pngS13 Vietnam.pngS14 Occultus Island.pngS15 Moral vs. Merciless.pngS16 Cursed Hand.pngS26 Bhutan.pngS27 Kiribati.pngS28 Rejects vs. Royals.png


These seasons are ones that had a severe deficiency of interesting or exciting features, and were either too predictable, lacking in good characters, or had poor finishes.
S1 Mongolia.pngS4 Great Britain.pngS9 East Timor.pngS10 Seychelles.pngS31 Kazakhstan.png

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