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Simon Would Call This A Cluster-Cluck is the sixth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.

Episode Summary

  • Immunity Challenge: Win Dat Bloggot

After Chris quit the game on Charleroi, Stephen on Seraing began bonding with Dylan B. through Colleen and Jamie, and so a core alliance of four was built between them. Dylan B. was pleased about his position in the centre of the tribe, having his main allies Colleen, Jamie and Stephen, as well as Game, Mikey and Simon. Jamie was happy with the fact that the supposed Saint Lucia alliance was in the minority on Seraing, with Mikey & Simon on the outs. Game was let in on the idea of taking out Mikey and Simon. Despite being aligned with them, Game was impartial to the vote, and was instead more concerned that the original Seraing tribe was going to be targeted as they are yet to lose a member. On Charleroi, Reynold was beginning to lose hope, as his two alliances began turning against one another, about to expose where he truly stood. This extremely alarmed him as it looked like the large alliance from Day 1 was about to collapse. At the challenge, Charleroi lost once again, as Alexandra began to become suspicious of Reynold and his social game. Despite this, she was unable to get her allies Cory and Josh to think the same way, so instead the alliance decided to split the votes, 2 votes to Nick and 2 votes to Dylan J. But Alexandra, knowing Reynold might side with Nick and Dylan, was going to vote the other way on purpose, in an attempt to counter any move he decided to make. Nick and Dylan J. meanwhile decided to vote out the person not in the alliance of eight – Cory. However at this point, Nick knew the big alliance wasn’t going to hold. But he decided it was best to keep the allies he had closer anyway. In voting out Cory, he was hoping that Alexandra would join himself, Reynold, Mikey and Simon in a Saint Lucia alliance (just like the group Dylan B. had spread news about!). After news of the split vote had spread to Nick and Dylan J., chaos ensued with all hope of retaining the big alliance gone. Cory and Josh decided that it was better for their game to blindside out Alexandra, while Alexandra hoped the plan against Dylan and Nick would still be retained and so voted for Nick. Reynold meanwhile was forced to finally pick a side, and so he went with the newly-formed Saint Lucia group against Cory, blindsiding him from the game in a 3-2-1 vote, leaving Alexandra wondering what the hell had just happened.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S6 Cory L..png
Cory (3 votes)
S6 Dylan J..pngS6 Nick M..pngS6 Reynold K..png
Dylan J., Nick & Reynold
S6 Alexandra A..png
Alexandra (2 votes)
S6 Cory L..pngS6 Josh B..png
Cory & Josh
S6 Nick M..png
Nick (1 vote)
S6 Alexandra A..png
S6 Cory
Cory L.

Still in the Running

Charleroi Leuven Seraing
S6 Colleen M..png
S6 Dylan J..png
Dylan J.
S6 Jamie G..png
S6 Chris
S6 Evan
S6 Joe
S6 Alexandra A..png
S6 Cory
S6 Dylan B..png
Dylan B.
S6 Nick M..png
S6 Stephen J..png
S6 Will
S6 Logan
S6 Mikey P..png
S6 Simon S..png
S6 Game T..png
S6 Josh B..png
S6 Reynold K..png