The Sole Survivor is the title held by a winner of Suitman's Survivor, determined by a plurality of votes from the Jury, who decides which of the finalists best embodies the show's three word slogan: "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast".


Though there is no one absolute strategy of winning the title, as it is subjective, a contestant must survive all days of competition and gain the respect of most recently eliminated contestants, a group known as the Jury, in order to become the Sole Survivor.

At the Final Tribal Council, the finalists are to be subjected to the Jury, who would either ask questions or make a statement to help them come up with a decision as to which of the finalists is most deserving of the title of Sole Survivor and the one million dollar prize.

All Sole Survivors are known to embody the show's three-word premise:

  • Outwit: The strategic element; the ability to eliminate competition whether directly or indirectly, knowing what moves to make, not to make, and the timing of doing such moves. The fulfillment of this element is commonly attributed by making alliances.
  • Outplay: The social element; it is how a contestant carries out the "outwit" element, eliminating competition but keeping their respect such that they still give their Jury votes in the end. As such, it is the job of the finalist to still sway the Jury to his favor.
  • Outlast: The physical element; the ability to withstand the harsh realities of being a contestant for 39 days, such as harsh weather, tests of willpower, and in a certain extent, challenges. The fulfillment of this element is making it to the Final Tribal Council and facing the Jury.

It should be noted that in the game of Survivor respect does not always translate into likability. In any case, a Sole Survivor has one way or another, fulfilled all three elements of Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

The finalists succumb to certain pitfalls such as poor work ethic, bad challenge performances, coming off as abrasive to fellow competitors, and lack of self-awareness. As such, it is the job of the finalist to still sway the jury to their favor.

List of Sole Survivors

Season Winner Jury Vote
S1 Mongolia Ty F. Ty F. 6-1
S2 Saint Lucia Reynold K. Reynold K. 3-2
S3 Brazil Derek Z. Derek Z. 4-3
S4 Great Britain Kiko R. Kiko R. 4-2
S5 Jordan Will C. Will C. 7-0
S6 All-Stars S6 Dylan B. Dylan B. 4-1-1
S7 Venezuela Jeremy A. Jeremy A. 4-3
S8 Caicos Islands Trey C. Trey C. 4-2-0
S9 East Timor S9 Adam B. Adam B. 4-2-1
S10 Seychelles Sam S. Sam S. 4-2-1
S11 Brunei Wyatt A. Wyatt A. 4-3-0
S12 Friends vs. Favorites Oliver L. Oliver L. 5-4-1
S13 Vietnam Dana M. Dana M. 5-1
S14 Occultus Island S14 Mike S. Mike S. 6-1
S15 Moral vs. Merciless S15 Wyatt A. Wyatt A. 4-3-2
S16 Cursed Hand Alex C. Alex C. 4-3-0
S17 Reclamation Jim B. Jim B. 5-4
S18 Second Chances S18 Jeremy B. Jeremy B. 7-1-0
S19 Jan Mayen Ben G. Ben G. 4-3
S20 Bingo vs. Suitman S20 James S. James S. 4-3-2
S21 Allies vs. Adversaries Patrick J. Patrick J. 3-2-2
S22 New Zealand S22 John B. John B. 4-3-0
S23 Japan Rhys R. Rhys R. 5-2-2
S24 Last Leap S24 Sagar O. Sagar O. 5-2-2
S25 Conqueror's Crusade S25 Sam S. Sam S. 5-4-0
S26 Bhutan Marcus A. Marcus A. 4-3
S27 Kiribati Nick R. Nick R. 4-3
S28 Rejects vs. Royals S28 Julian S. Julian S. 5-2-0
S29 El Salvador Kelly R. Kelly R. 4-3
S30 Polynesia S30 John P. John P. 4-3-1
S31 Kazakhstan Jera H. Jera H. 5-0
S32 Unfinished Business S32 Amy C. Amy C. 5-3-1
S33 Puerto Rico S33 Nolan K. Nolan K. 5-1
S34 Ayia Thekla S34 Chazz P. Chazz P. 5-2-0
S35x Turney vs. Suitman S35 Rhys R. Rhys R. 6-4
S36 Honduras Max N. Max N. 4-3-0
S37 Indonesia S37 Ashley L. Ashley L. 5-3-1
S38 Canary Islands S38 Christian L. Christian L. 7-2
S39 Entitled vs. Earned S39 Tim T. Tim T. 7-4-0
S40 Ragnarok S40 Tim T. Tim T. 5-4-2


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