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The Merge is the coming together of the two or more tribes. This means that the tribes will now live as one in one camp until the end of the game. This also signals the game's halfway point and may also begin the Jury phase.

Merged tribes typically comprise of 9 to 14 members. It serves as a halfway point of the game, wherein the remaining castaways will stay as one new tribe until the final day of the competition. From this point forward, the game shifts from a team-effort competition into a individual game. The final two or three then face the Jury on the last day of the competition at the Final Tribal Council, where the Jury decides who will be the Sole Survivor.

Merge Statistics

Merge Number Season Day of Merge
Fourteen Ragnarok Day 11
Entitled vs. Earned Day 10
Thirteen Solomon Islands Day 11
Indonesia Day 8
Twelve East Timor Day 6
Brunei Day 8
Friends vs. Favorites Day 9
Second Chances Day 10
Bingo vs. Suitman Day 9
Allies vs. Adversaries Day 9
Japan Day 9
Last Leap Day 11
Conqueror's Crusade Day 10
Rejects vs. Royals Day 9
Polynesia Day 8
Unfinished Business Day 9
Puerto Rico Day 6
Worlds Collide Day 8
Canary Islands Day 9
Eleven Occultus Island Day 10
Reclamation Day 8
New Zealand Day 8
El Salvador Day 6
Ayia Thekla Day 8
Honduras1 Day 9
Ten Mongolia Day 7
Saint Lucia Day 7
Great Britain Day 6
Jordan Day 6
All-Stars Day 9
Venezuela Day 7
Caicos Islands Day 6
Seychelles Day 7
Moral vs. Merciless Day 10
Cursed Hand Day 9
Bhutan Day 7
Kiribati Day 8
Nine Brazil Day 8
Vietnam Day 8
Kazakhstan Day 8
Eight Jan Mayen Day 8

^1 Honduras merged with 11 people initially, but the Jacaleapa merge tribe eventually featured a total of 12 people, after pre-merger Jeremy re-entered the game.

Merged Tribes

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