A Tiebreaker is a situation where two (or more) individuals share the same amount of votes at Tribal Council with no other person receiving a higher amount. In this event, there is a procedure to solve the issue, and determine which castaway shall leave.


In a case of a tie, the players in question do not vote, while the remaining players vote again between the tied players. Non-tied players are immune from this re-vote. If more than one contestant uses a Hidden Immunity Idol and turns out they are the only ones who received votes, the vote will be considered void altogether; and the rest of the tribe would then have to vote someone else. If the second vote still ends up tied, the vote is declared deadlocked. If the deadlock occurs at any time before the final four Tribal Council, the rest of the tribe except those that are in the tie, won individual immunity, or used a Hidden Immunity Idol, will draw rocks, and the player who gets the uniquely colored rock will be eliminated. At the final four Tribal Council, the rock draw still takes place, but only between the two tied castaways, and there is no re-vote.

Rock Pull History

This list contains all castaways who have been eliminated by the rock draw tiebreaker, following a deadlocked vote. It first appeared in the eighth season, Survivor: Caicos Islands, where is occurred twice after not appearing at all in the prior seasons, and has since become a recurring strategy people have taken in order to solve a tie situation.

Season Episode Type Castaway
Eliminated Eligible
Caicos Islands "Dramatic Richard Hatch Effect" Standard
Amy C.
Amy C.
Amy C.Danny D.Eamon C.
Jordan M.Matthew S.
"I'm The Idiot Who Won This Game Twice" JB J.
Adam B.Anthony B.Brian B.Eamon C.
JB J.Ronnie R.Trey C.
Seychelles "You're a Rude Ass Bitch!" Four-Person
Cameron C.
Cameron C.
Cameron C.Klaus K.
Brunei "Thanks Obama" Andaib S.
Andaib S.
Andaib S.Ray L.
Vietnam "Loyalty Before Royalty" Andrew L.
Andrew L.
Andrew L.Cedric T.
Occultus Island "Stain on the Face of Humanity" Dave D.
Dave D.
Dave D.S14 Game T.
Reclamation "Well That Plan Backfired" Jason H.
Jason H.
Jason H.S17 Millie M.
"Need A Vacation" S17 Mearl M.
Mearl M.
Alex R.S17 Mearl M.
Jan Mayen "Blowing My Inbox Up" Standard
Zach H.
Zach H.
Erik I.Zach H.
Bingo vs. Suitman "Grade A Idiot" S20 Porsche F.
Porsche F.
S20 Porsche F.S20 Newz O.Robby J.S20 Ryan C.
"All Hell Breaks Loose" Four-Person
S20 Newz O.
Newz O.
S20 Eric E.S20 Newz O.
Eritrea "And the Oscar Goes To..." Dustin B.
Dustin B.
Dustin B.Patrick J.
"The Plastic Bag" Connor J.
Connor J.
Connor J.Patrick J.
New Zealand "Blowing a Kiss For the Hate" S22 Natalie S.
Natalie S.
S22 Marshal M.Natalie S.
"My Parents Want to Go to Olive Garden" S22 Jordan M.
Jordan M.
S22 Ethan H.S22 Jordan M.
Kiribati "Blow This Tribe Up" S27 Ollie M.
Ollie M.
Nick R.S27 Ollie M.
"Regular Tale of Romeo and Juliet" Adrianna S.
Adrianna S.
Adrianna S.Nick R.
Rejects vs. Royals "The Real Royalty Has Just Arrived" S28 Nick J.
Nick J.
S28 Andrew T.S28 Nick J.
Puerto Rico "This Sorcery is Outlandish" S33 Kol P.
Kol P.
S33 Kol P.Leah P.
Honduras "Concrete Game Move" Sam P.
Sam P.
Jade N.Sam P.
"No Longer A Third Wheel" Jeremy W.
Jeremy W.
Jeremy W.Riley A.
Canary Islands "This is Not An Advantage Mister!" Anthony F.
Anthony F.
Anthony F.Will I.
Entitled vs. Earned "Good Lord, Why Am I Like This?" Standard
S39 Nick M.
Nick M.
S39 Eric M.S39 Ethan H.S39 Joe W.
S39 Leah P.S39 Max A.S39 Nick M.
S39 Riley A.S39 Ryan R.S39 Tim T.

Jury Vote Tiebreaker

Each season, the person last voted off pre-jury is brought in at the end as a back-up juror, whose purpose is to break the tie incase the final vote becomes deadlocked. The back-up juror's vote is rarely needed nor included, but has been used on two occasions - Survivor: Brazil and Survivor: Friends vs. Favorites.

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