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Toa Alta (tow-ah-all-tah) is the merged tribe of Anasco, Bayamon, and Corozal in Survivor: Puerto Rico. The original tribes merged with four, three, and five members each respectively. The tribe color is yellow.

(Real Cast List w/real Usernames)


S33 Alan D..pngAshley L..pngS33 Dakota M..pngS33 Kol P..png
Leah P..pngS33 Noah K..pngS33 Nolan K..pngS33 Owen A..png
S33 Rose G..pngS33 Ryan P..pngStuart H..pngZyler M..png

Alan D.
Ashley L.
Dakota M.
Kol P.
Leah P.
Noah K.
Nolan K.
Owen A.
Rose G.
Ryan P.
Stuart H.
Zyler M.