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The Tribal Immunity Wins Leaderboard is a ranking of the pre-merge tribes, by the amount of tribal challenges won in the pre-merge phase of each season.



ChW is the sum of all tribal immunity challenges, won by pre-merge tribes. This tally does not include any individual challenge wins by castaways, or any side competitions won such as hero or exile island challenges.


Rank Tribe Season ChW
1 Seraing S6 All-Stars.png 7
Galway S28 Rejects vs. Royals.png 7
Gavutu S35 Solomon Islands.png 7
Taumako S35 Solomon Islands.png 7
Alegranza S38 Canary Islands.png 7
2 Can Tho S13 Vietnam.png 6
Baku S14 Occultus Island.png 6
Merciless S15 Moral vs. Merciless.png 6
Solwezi S16 Cursed Hand.png 6
Alotau S17 Reclamation.png 6
Mamoe S22 New Zealand.png 6
Tahara S23 Japan.png 6
Visayas S24 Last Leap.png 6
Rusava S25 Conqueror's Crusade.png 6
Garango S32 Unfinished Business.png 6
Larnaca S34 Ayia Thekla.png 6
Balfate S36 Honduras.png 6
3 Coetupo S18 Second Chances.png 5
Suitman's Soldiers S20 Bingo vs. Suitman.png 5
Maekel S21 Allies vs. Adversaries.png 5
Punakha S26 Bhutan.png 5
Paphos S34 Ayia Thekla.png 5
Kapalai S39 Entitled vs. Earned.png 5
Malacca S39 Entitled vs. Earned.png 5
Mokopane S40 Ragnarok.png 5
4 Laborie S2 Saint Lucia.png 4
Tapeba S3 Brazil.png 4
Charleroi S6 All-Stars.png 4
Machiques S7 Venezuela.png 4
Atabae S9 East Timor.png 4
Panaga S11 Brunei.png 4
Akyab S12 Friends vs. Favorites.png 4
Mandalay S12 Friends vs. Favorites.png 4
Chingola S16 Cursed Hand.png 4
Gualaca S18 Second Chances.png 4
Narvik S19 Jan Mayen.png 4
Takoto S22 New Zealand.png 4
Nagoya S23 Japan.png 4
Paelau S27 Kiribati.png 4
Apopa S29 El Salvador.png 4
Savave S30 Polynesia.png 4
Corozal S33 Puerto Rico.png 4
Palopo S37 Indonesia.png 4
El Hierro S38 Canary Islands.png 4
5 Kerait S1 Mongolia.png 3
Tatar S1 Mongolia.png 3
Ka'apor S3 Brazil.png 3
Madaba S5 Jordan.png 3
Lazare S10 Seychelles.png 3
Sukang S11 Brunei.png 3
Talasea S17 Reclamation.png 3
Anseba S21 Allies vs. Adversaries.png 3
Kanina S25 Conqueror's Crusade.png 3
Buariki S27 Kiribati.png 3
Vaiaku S30 Polynesia.png 3
Solenzo S32 Unfinished Business.png 3
Anasco S33 Puerto Rico.png 3
Bayamon S33 Puerto Rico.png 3
Nicosia S34 Ayia Thekla.png 3
Rendova S35 Solomon Islands.png 3
Redang S39 Entitled vs. Earned.png 3
Concordia S40 Ragnarok.png 3
6 Castries S2 Saint Lucia.png 2
Buckingham S4 Great Britain.png 2
Windsor S4 Great Britain.png 2
La Esmeralda S7 Venezuela.png 2
Balfour S8 Caicos Islands.png 2
Whitby S8 Caicos Islands.png 2
Boileau S10 Seychelles.png 2
Cascade S10 Seychelles.png 2
Ganja S14 Occultus Island.png 2
Moral S15 Moral vs. Merciless.png 2
Lusaka S16 Cursed Hand.png 2
Madang S17 Reclamation.png 2
Harstad S19 Jan Mayen.png 2
Bingo's Battalion S20 Bingo vs. Suitman.png 2
Okazaki S23 Japan.png 2
Palawan S24 Last Leap.png 2
Batelov S25 Conqueror's Crusade.png 2
Riaria S27 Kiribati.png 2
Tanrake S30 Polynesia.png 2
Balkhash S31 Kazakhstan.png 2
Choiseul S35 Solomon Islands.png 2
La Masica S36 Honduras.png 2
Graciosa S38 Canary Islands.png 2
7 Karameh S5 Jordan.png 1
Leuven S6 All-Stars.png 1
Baucau S9 East Timor.png 1
Ombre S10 Seychelles.png 1
Da Nang S13 Vietnam.png 1
Kaota S22 New Zealand.png 1
Thimphu S26 Bhutan.png 1
Kinsale S28 Rejects vs. Royals.png 1
Ilopango S29 El Salvador.png 1
Oskemen S31 Kazakhstan.png 1
Banfora S32 Unfinished Business.png 1
8 Malang S37 Indonesia.png 0

Glossary of Terms

  • ChW: Tribal Challenge Wins. How many times a tribe won.
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