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The competing teams in Suitman's Survivor are known as Tribes. Commonly, there are two tribes in a season, but there have been instances where three or four may be active at the same time. A tribe can have anywhere from five to twelve contestants at the beginning of the game.

Dividing Into Tribes

See also: Tribe Division Twists.

Most commonly, the tribes are divided by the producers before the game begins. However, there have been exceptions. Each Survivor season typically starts with 16, 18, or 20 contestants (Increased to 24 for Last Leap, Conqueror's Crusade, and Solomon Islands). The castaways will be then equally divided into their "tribes". These tribes are given unique names (based on local language, culture or history) and identifying colors which are used on buffs, insignias and also in the opening sequence. Most seasons feature two pre-merge tribes, however some have also had three, while two seasons started with four.

Tribe Switch

See also: Tribe Switch.

A tribe switch is the very first Survivor twist. The host asks the contestants to drop their buffs, signaling there will be a change in the nature of the tribes. For a tribe switch, the contestants will either end up at their original tribe or they will be swapped into another. If there is a switch, it occurs before the merge, commonly catching players off-guard. The logic of the switch is that the relationships from their first tribe will be tested in their new tribe, and will create additional possibilities when the tribes finally merge. Oftentimes, players who were not successful in their original tribe use the switch as an opportunity to create new bonds, and potentially last longer in the competition.


See also: Tribe Mutiny.

The mutiny is a variation of the tribe switch. This twist allows players to change tribes at will. Like a traditional swap, the "mutineer" must surrender his/her old buff and will be given the same colored buff as his/her new tribe. The Mutiny has a rarer occurrence than the standard Tribe Switch, having appeared only four times thus far in Vietnam, Second Chances, Last Leap, and Canary Islands.

Merged Tribe

See also: The Merge.

The merged tribe is composed of the remaining members of the two starting tribes, and marked with a new colored buff, with challenges becoming individual. The castaways will stay in the tribe for the remainder of the game, although may be separated by the One Day Tribes twist. The merged tribe name is typically chosen by producers, although naming was handed over to the contestants in five seasons - Bingo vs. Suitman (Bae Yon Cae), Conqueror's Crusade (Ognob Mada), Solomon Islands (Trainwreckoning), Canary Islands (Phlophost) and Ragnarok (Eachles). In Unfinished Business, a One Day Merge occurred during the tribal phase of the game, which brought all the tribes together for a single group Tribal Council, reminiscent of the merge phase of the game.

Tribe Color

Survivor Tribecolors Per Season
Season Name Orange Yellow/Gold Green Blue Teal Red Magenta Purple Black Brown White/Grey
Mongolia Mangudai Kerait Tatar
Saint Lucia Laborie Castries Anse la Raye
Brazil Tapeba Matipu Ka'apor
Great Britain Windsor Britannia Buckingham
Jordan Madaba Karameh Amman
All-Stars Seraing Roeselare Charleroi Leuven
Venezuela Machiques La Esmeralda Juan Griego
Caicos Islands Lorimers Whitby Balfour
East Timor Baucau Atabae Maubara
Seychelles Cascade Ombre Boileau Lazare La Digue
Brunei Panaga Tutong Sukang
Friends vs. Favorites Rangoon Mandalay Akyab
Vietnam Can Tho Haiphong Da Nang
Occultus Island Ganja Baku Lankaran
Moral vs. Merciless Moral Merciless Harmonie
Cursed Hand Lusaka Solwezi Chingola Kalulushi
Reclamation Alotau Madang Talasea Esa'ala
Second Chances Atalaya Coetupo Gualaca
Jan Mayen Narvik Steinkjer Harstad
Bingo vs. Suitman Bae Yon Cae Bingo's Battalion Suitman's Soldiers
Eritrea Maekel Gash-Barka Anseba
New Zealand Kaota Takoto Akarana Mamoe
Japan Gamagori Nagoya Tahara Okazaki
Last Leap Visayas Palawan Mindanao
Conqueror's Crusade Kanina Rusava Batelov Ognob Mada
Bhutan Punakha Zhemgang Thimphu
Kiribati Autukia Buariki Paelau Riaria
Rejects vs. Royals Galway Binn Mhór Kinsale
El Salvador Ilopango Apopa Santa Ana
Polynesia Tanrake Vaiaku Savave Funafuti
Kazakhstan Pavlodar Oskemen Balkhash
Unfinished Business Solenzo Nahouri Garango Banfora
Puerto Rico Toa Alta Bayamon Corozal Anasco
Ayia Thekla Paphos Larnaca Nicosia Aphrodite
Solomon Islands Gavutu Owaraha Choiseul Rendova Taumako
Worlds Collide Team Titans Team Saviors Trainwreckoning
Honduras La Masica Jacaleapa Balfate
Indonesia Palopo Malang Sawah Lunto
Canary Islands Alegranza El Hierro Graciosa Phlophost
Entitled vs. Earned Tabawan Redang Kapalai Malacca
Ragnarok Concordia Eachles Mokopane


  • Yellow is the most recurring tribe color in the history of the series with a total 22 tribes.
    • On the other hand, white/grey is the least recurring, having appeared only twice.
  • Black is the most recurring merged tribe color, with 10 merged tribes. It is also the only recurring color to appear more times as a merged tribe than it has as a starting tribe.
  • Historically, yellow colored pre-merge tribes have the best percentage of tribal challenge wins, while black colored pre-merge tribes have the worst challenge win percentage.
    • Five of the six black colored tribes won the least amount of tribal immunity challenges in their respective seasons. Malacca was tied for the most amount of tribal immunity challenge wins in Entitled vs. Earned.
Suitman's Survivor Tribes
Mongolia Saint Lucia Brazil Great Britain Jordan
Kerait Castries Ka'apor Buckingham Karameh
Tatar Laborie Tapeba Windsor Madaba
Mangudai Anse la Raye Matipu Britannia Amman
All-Stars Venezuela Caicos Islands East Timor Seychelles
Charleroi La Esmeralda Balfour Atabae Boileau
Leuven Machiques Whitby Baucau Cascade
Seraing Juan Griego Lorimers Maubara Lazare
Roeselare Ombre
La Digue
Brunei Friends vs. Favorites Vietnam Occultus Island Moral vs. Merciless
Panaga Akyab Can Tho Baku Moral
Sukang Mandalay Da Nang Ganja Merciless
Tutong Rangoon Haiphong Lankaran Harmonie
Cursed Hand Reclamation Second Chances Jan Mayen Bingo vs. Suitman
Chingola Alotau Coetupo Harstad Bingo's Battalion
Lusaka Madang Gualaca Narvik Suitman's Soldiers
Solwezi Talasea Atalaya Steinkjer Bae Yon Cae
Kalulushi Esa'ala
Eritrea New Zealand Japan Last Leap Conqueror's Crusade
Anseba Kaota Nagoya Palawan Batelov
Maekel Mamoe Okazaki Visayas Kanina
Gash-Barka Takoto Tahara Mindanao Rusava
Akarana Gamagori Ognob Mada
Bhutan Kiribati Rejects vs. Royals El Salvador Polynesia
Punakha Buariki Galway Apopa Savave
Thimphu Paelau Kinsale Ilopango Tanrake
Zhemgang Riaria Binn Mhór Santa Ana Vaiaku
Autukia Funafuti
Kazakhstan Unfinished Business Puerto Rico Ayia Thekla Solomon Islands
Balkhash Banfora Anasco Larnaca Choiseul
Oskemen Garango Bayamon Nicosia Gavutu
Pavlodar Solenzo Corozal Paphos Rendova
Nahouri Toa Alta Aphrodite Taumako
Worlds Collide Honduras Indonesia Canary Islands Entitled vs. Earned
Team Titans Balfate Malang Alegranza Kapalai
Team Saviors La Masica Palopo El Hierro Malacca
Trainwreckoning Jacaleapa Sawah Lunto Graciosa Redang
Phlophost Tabawan
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