Twist refers to certain game-changing alterations to the game's original format. Twists have been a part of Suitman's Survivor since the beginning helping the contestants learn that the game is ever-changing. Several twists have been devised to keep contestants on their toes, as well as keep the game interesting to viewers.

List of Twists by introductory season

This table lists the twists to appear in Suitman's Survivor in the seasons they were introduced.

S1 Mongolia
S2 Saint Lucia
  • No new twists
S3 Brazil
S4 Great Britain
S5 Jordan
S6 All-Stars
S7 Venezuela
  • No new twists
S8 Caicos Islands
S9 East Timor
S10 Seychelles
S11 Brunei
S12 Friends vs. Favorites
S13 Vietnam
S14 Occultus Island
S15 Moral vs. Merciless
S16 Cursed Hand
S17 Reclamation
S18 Second Chances
S19 Jan Mayen
S20 Bingo vs. Suitman
S21 Allies vs. Adversaries
S22 New Zealand
S23 Japan
  • No new twists
S24 Last Leap
S25 Conqueror's Crusade
S26 Bhutan
S27 Kiribati
S28 Rejects vs. Royals
S29 El Salvador
S30 Polynesia
S31 Kazakhstan
S32 Unfinished Business
S33 Puerto Rico
S34 Ayia Thekla
S35 Solomon Islands
S35b Worlds Collide
S36 Honduras
S37 Indonesia
S38 Canary Islands
S39 Entitled vs. Earned
S40 Ragnarok

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