Viewer's Chieftain is a twist that featured in Survivor: Reclamation. It is a twist to the pre-merge game of a season, and it gives the Viewers the power to select three castaways to become the Chieftains. The Chieftains must make decisions based upon the placement their tribe gets in each challenge. This comes with a silver lining however, as the Chieftains get to school-yard pick their tribes at the start of the season.


The Chieftain of the 1st placed tribe selects a player from the 2nd placed tribe to go to Exile Island. That player will sit out at the next challenge and be unable to vote if their tribe goes to Tribal Council the following day. This may improve the first place tribe's chances of continuing success, and may cause problems for their enemies.

The Chieftain of the 2nd placed tribe gets to pick one member of their tribe to go fishing for the Neglect and Reflect Idol, returning from last season, which is in one of ten crates. This gives someone a great opportunity to get an idol for their tribe, but may point out the Chieftain's true allegiances and alienate the other members, as the person he or she selects will be revealed to all.

The Chieftain of the losing tribe has to select someone from their tribe, along with themselves, to have all votes against them doubled at their upcoming Tribal Council, increasing their chances of leaving the game. This not only singles out one person on the tribe, but also endangers the Chieftain and may lead to their departure.

The twist was given a shake-up at the Tribe Switch. The inaugural Chieftains were removed from their post and two new Chieftains were selected by the Viewers. They re-selected the two tribes by school-yard pick, and the first and second place Chieftain powers were merged into one.

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