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Viewer's Voice is a twist that featured in Survivor: Bhutan and Survivor: Kiribati. This secondary twist saw the members of the Viewer's Lounge have the power to shape the direction of the season through a main in-game twist. The concept of outside influence would later be expanded further through the integral Public Vote twist of Unfinished Business.


In Survivor: Bhutan, the viewers were able to select two people, one from each tribe, to participate in the Exile Island duel. The winner of the duel has the power to either send themselves or their opponent to Exile Island. Pre-merge whoever won the duel got to pick someone to go along with them from the other tribe, but post-merge it was just the one person alone. Viewers were also able to select the fifth item for The Vault challenge on Day 9. The same people cannot be picked twice in a row.

In Survivor: Kiribati, the viewers once against able to select one from each tribe, this time for the Slot Machine twist. They must select who they wish to have a go on the machine and potentially receive a game-changing prize which could be good or bad for them. The prizes range from very small to quite large, and change on a rotating cycle. Like in Bhutan, the same people cannot be picked twice in a row.

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