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The Vote Stealer is a power twist that featured in Survivor: Rejects vs. Royals, Survivor: Puerto Rico, Survivor: Entitled vs. Earned and Survivor: Ragnarok. This exclusive power could be used be used to void one person from voting, and instead hand another the ability to vote twice, effectively "stealing" their vote, hence the name.


When a tribe wins immunity, each player can chose to answer a clue to the idol or a clue to the Vote Stealer power. At any one vote up until and including the Final Six, the power can be used to take away one's vote and claim it for oneself. This leaves the victim's vote voided, and gives the power player an extra vote. This newpower makes it possible to shift a vote in one's favor without having to barter for it, therefore potentially tipping the balance at Tribal Council.

Vote Stealer History

Season Episode Castaway
Vote Stealer Voided Voter Voted For Eliminated
Rejects vs. Royals "Thirsty For That Win" S28 Andrew T..png
Andrew T.
S28 Julian S..png
Julian S.
S28 Julian S..pngS28 Julian S..png
Julian, Julian
S28 Stephen
Stephen J.
Puerto Rico "Rusty Cocooned
Filled Coffin
Leah P..png
Leah P.
S33 Nolan K..png
Nolan K.
S33 Rose G..pngS33 Rose G..png
Rose, Rose
S33 Rose
Rose G.
Entitled vs. Earned "My Revenge Trip" S39 Hudson J..png
Hudson J.
S39 Max A..png
Max A.
S39 Max A..pngS39 Max A..png
Max, Max
S39 Max
Max A.
Ragnarok "He's A Zombie
That Does Not Die
S40 Tim T..png
Tim T.
S40 Patrick J..png
Patrick J.
S40 Alex C..pngS40 Patrick J..png
Alex, Patrick
S40 Patrick
Patrick J.

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