Well I'm Fuqed is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.

Episode Summary

  • Immunity Challenge: Entrapment

The next day, Dylan B. was pleased about how the vote went down. While others had wanted Jamie out, he’d pushed for Stephen so as to retain social links with Colleen and Jamie. Dylan B. now saw that it would be best to go back with the remaining three members of the Brazil alliance – Alexandra, Colleen and Jamie – to finally get rid of Reynold and Nick. A possible reformation of the Brazil alliance was bad news for Nick and Reynold, and so Nick tried to get Jamie and Colleen to work with them long-term, while Reynold worked on Dylan B. and Alexandra. Nick noticed that there were three distinct pairs left in the game, and that today someone was going to lose their partner. At the challenge, Reynold won Individual Immunity, immediately singling out Nick as the major target. However, Alexandra saw how big a threat Jamie and Colleen were in the game, and so she decided to team up with Nick and Reynold, who she felt she had a better chance at beating, to get rid of one of them. The three of them thought Dylan B. was going to join them in this vote, however they were wrong. Dylan B. was paranoid that Nick and Reynold would take Alexandra to the end over him, so, assuming Nick, Reynold and Alexandra were splitting the votes, he was going to team up with Jamie and Colleen to take out Nick. However they were not splitting the votes, as Reynold had deducted correctly that Dylan B. was snaking them, and they decided to go all out on Colleen, which would cause a 3-3 tie. Jamie and Colleen meanwhile were talking with Nick about potentially taking out Alexandra, which Dylan B. was unhappy about, due to the fact Nick was clearly playing him. While Alexandra become fed up with the game, Nick stirred things up by telling Dylan B. that Jamie had leaked his plans to vote him out, causing an argument. After Jamie and Dylan B. cleared things up, it became obvious that Nick was stirring things up, and it was time for him to go. So Jamie, Dylan B. and Colleen banded together to take out Nick, while, Alexandra joined Reynold and Nick in voting Colleen. Knowing she was in trouble, Jamie made a bold move by playing his idol on Colleen, protecting his no.1 ally and voiding all three votes against her, sending out Nick in a 3-0 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
S6 Nick M.
Nick (3 votes)
S6 Colleen M.S6 Dylan B.S6 Jamie G.
Colleen, Dylan B. & Jamie
S6 Colleen M.
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S6 Alexandra A.S6 Nick M.S6 Reynold K.
Alexandra, Nick & Reynold
(votes not counted)
S6 Nick
Nick M.

Still in the Running

Charleroi Leuven Seraing
S6 Colleen M.
S6 Dylan
Dylan J.
S6 Jamie G.
S6 Chris
S6 Evan
S6 Joe
S6 Alexandra A.
S6 Cory
S6 Dylan B.
Dylan B.
S6 Nick
S6 Stephen
S6 Will
S6 Logan
S6 Mikey
S6 Simon
S6 Game
S6 Josh
S6 Reynold K.

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